Markets, States and Civil Society Strengthening Responses to
Urban Crises

November 26, 2021

10:15 - 1700 (London Time)

In this Conference, we bring together researchers, practitioners and local government officials active in knowledge building on urban crises response, to advance the discussion on how Governance across international, national and local scales, can contribute towards strengthening responses.

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About Us

This conference was born out of the recurrent conversations between LSE professor Romola Sanyal and the Urban-A founders Synne Bergby and Ida Lien on the topic of urban crisis and the humanitarian response system. Representing academia and practitioners respectively, we have found important synergies in our work and have over time developed collaborations around questions of crises and urbanisation.

We are particularly cognizant of the need for information sharing and exchange between academia, practitioners and decision-makers to promote relevant, applicable, and available research for on-ground action and to ensure that key lessons and identified gaps emerging from urban crisis response are guiding research and innovation. Specifically, we have been struck by the importance of scalar and transnational thinking in addressing these issues. Our work collectively encompasses the Middle East, South Asia and Sub Saharan Africa.

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Dr Romola Sanyal Portrait
London School of Economics
Dr Romola Sanyal

Romola Sanyal is Associate Professor of Urban Geography at the London School of Economics. She studies forced migration, urbanization and urban politics in the Global South through an interdisciplinary lens. She has worked on the Middle East (Lebanon) and South Asia (India) with a focus on the urbanization...

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Ms Bergby from Urban-A Portrait
Ms Synne Bergby

Ms. Bergby is general manager and senior analyst at Urban-A, urban development professional specialised in urban analysis and planning, with rapid urban growth, migration affected cities, urban poverty, the relation between the formal and informal city, and urban crisis response as focus areas...

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Ms Lien from Urban A Portrait
Ms Ida Lien

Ms. Lien is head of analysis at Urban-A. She is an urban economist with a MSc in City Design from London School of Economics. Her focus is on urban market systems and how urban analysis and programming can link vulnerable groups to markets and jobs in complex and humanitarian settings...

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